Summer 2018

And just like that summer of 2018 has come and gone. I always feel like summer goes by way too fast.
It definitely passed with being my BEST SUMMER!
So many memories made this summer.          So many lessons learned.....  You cant change the past, but you can let the past shape your future. Just in these last few years have I truly come to realize just how important FAMILY really is. My family means the world to me. It may not seem like it sometimes....but at the end of the day what matters the most??

  I've had enough experience to realize LIFE is EXACTLY what I make of it. And i know enough to make each day really count. Every day comes people or circumstances you need to deal with. And alot of times you might think "how am I going to get through this??" But it's only at the end, that you can turn around and see how those people and circumstances shaped you into the person you are.But NEVER forget to stop and see the beauty in every situation. It's all around…

Thankful AND Blessed

Thankfulness is a choice....and for me its something that comes and goes. Something I don't always put into practice.Being blessed isn't necessarily a choice. You can't choose to be blessed. But you can choose to take a step back out of the normal chaos in life....and find thankfulness for all that you've been given. I can't say it comes naturally...but as I look back on the life I lived, I've begun to realize ALL that I have. And all that's been given to me. All of which I will never deserve. But truly....I am beyond THANKFUL for the beautiful family I have. One that I didn't choose, but was given. One that loves me unconditionally. One that gives up so much of themselves to fill others needs. I'm truly blessed with the amazing friends that I have. All of them, I wouldn't trade for anyone else.....❤ And the last thing....I'm very blessed with the life I've been given to live. Full of mistakes, experiences, challenges, trials....all of w…

Photos from Spring/Summer 2018


Learning to FORGIVE...

Sometimes it's hard to forgive. Actually alot of times it's hard to forgive.
Sometimes its hard to realize you need to forgive. As humans we tend to put the blame on someone else. Or make the other person the "bad guy". In any and every situation there's at least 2 sides. As my mom always takes 2 people to fight. So there's always someone YOU can forgive.
You just have to come to that realization. And come to the place in your life that you  can honestly forgive someone.
And it may not be an instant thing. It could take days, months, even years. And that's how my story is.
    Not that I got into a fight with anyone...just that I didn't realize the need for me to forgive and move on from my past. I had to come to that realization. I finally realized that for many many years I had been living chained to that unforgiven past.
   I was adopted at the age of 10....and before those 10 years of my life alot of things took place. But as a litt…

Easter Blessings

Here are a few pictures from our Easter...